Re: Welcome

I was hoping you could help wife is a massive fan of yours (and I have to say I think your voice is amazing too and I enjoy your songs myself) and it is her 40th birthday in only a couple of weeks time.
As a surprise to my wife I made the first song at our wedding your song "You are so beautiful" which made her cry with happiness as I had chosen her favourite song rather than the more traditional one we had agreed on earlier (sorry!).
Anyway, I was hoping you could somehow help me out by sending me something I could give her which would be unique to her and let me know how much I love her (in the same way that I did at our wedding). I'm not asking much, maybe even just a quick hello email or perhaps a signed photo with her name on it.
Time is running out for me though and it looks like you are pretty busy with this tour coming up (I'm even looking in to getting a babysitter to allow us to come over to St Petersburg for your concert but I'm not sure she is well enough to leave our youngest baby just yet) so if you could do something before Sept 14th I would be most grateful.
And thanks for a great wedding song by the way, there weren't many dry eyes when that came on!